Autonomous Sensor Placement

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In November 2008, Kevin Knuth (President, Autonomous Exploration, Inc.) and Julian Center (CEO, Autonomous Exploration, Inc.) presented a talk titled “Autonomous Sensor Placement” at the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications in Woburn MA.  In addition to the talk, a demonstration of a robot employing autonomous sensor placement was performed.

An abstract follows below:

Autonomous Sensor Placement

Kevin H. Knuth
Associate Professor of Physics and Informatics, University at Albany
President, Autonomous Exploration, Inc.

Julian Center
CEO, Autonomous Exploration, Inc.

With an increasing reliance on robotic platforms to perform scientific exploration in remote or hostile environments, it is becoming crucial that robotic systems be able to perform autonomous intelligent sensor placement as well as autonomous experimental design.  Such a system requires encoding of scientific knowledge, the ability to make inferences from data, and the ability to identify the most relevant question to ask given both the instrument’s prior knowledge and the issue it is designed to address.  This requires implementation of two computational engines: the inference engine and the inquiry engine. Here we demonstrate our first efforts to develop intelligent instruments that rely on autonomous sensor placement.

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